Seven Must-Read Books For Real Estate Investors

Do not allow mistakes and myths to keep you from making good investments in the field of real estate. This is because you never know when your real estate investments can prove to be highly beneficial for you. Go through these seven must read books for real estate investors and you will surely get the right ideas for getting your real estate empire started.

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets Of America’s Wealthy By William D. Danko And Thomas L. Stanley

The Millionaire Next Door is a detailed description of the research that Danko and Stanley carried out by interviewing different millionaires for more than twenty years. The book lays emphasis on the fact that wealthy Americans are individuals who work very hard, live below their means and save diligently and not the ones who stay in mansions.

The Book On Rental Property Investing: How To Create Wealth And Passive Income By Brandon Turner

This book on rental property investing is one of the seven books that Brandon Turner has published covering varied ideas and techniques in the field of real estate investment. The book comes into the form of a guide on rental property investing also including advice on finding tenants and properties in the right way to avoid the mistakes that generally bankrupt the investors.

The Abcs Of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets Of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss By Ken Mcelroy

This is one of the most popular books on real estate investments offering practical advice and tips on investing in properties. The book is a basic starter kit that includes getting hold of properties with great potential and even negotiating on the best prices.

The Unofficial Guide To Real Estate Investing By Spencer Strauss

To be explained in simple words, this book is really wonderful. It covers almost everything right from coming up with a plan and buying one’s first property to fixing things, managing property and selling the same for the best prices. The book can be used as an inspiration by real estate investors looking to make profitable investments.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki

One of the most popular and the most motivational books on real estate investing, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic among real estate investors containing unbelievable, life-changing and thought-provoking matter. This book is all about opening one’s mind to the potentials of letting money earn money rather than using time for the same.

More Than Cashflow: The Real Risks & Rewards Of Profitable Real Estate Investing

This is an amazing book on real estate investing containing huge and invaluable information. it contains chapters providing insights into how the brain works and how an individual can use his or her brain for achieving success.

Landlording On Autopilot By Mike Butler

This book by Mike Butler has its focus on the different facets of achieving success as a real estate investor.  This includes increasing the flow of cash by way of proper management systems, screening tenants and tenant researched upgradation.


Making real estate investments is not only about making good money but it also involves a lot of risks. It requires a good investment strategy and therefore the ones looking to make such investments should always go through the seven must read books for real estate investors.

8 Must Read Books By Tech CEOs

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that tech CEOs are the smartest individuals in the world. There are many of them who want to share their concepts with people who get inspired by them. Here you will find the 8 must read books written by former and current tech CEOs that can help you in getting a peek into their wonderful minds.

Your One Word By Evan Carmichael

At the age of 19, Carmichael founded and even sold a biotech company and at present he is into helping other entrepreneurs in finding their drive and passion to gain success. This book by Carmichael serves in the form of a step-by-step guide to understanding the philosophy of life. The book helps the readers in using their personal motivations for bolstering success on their own terms.

Zero To One By Peter Thiel

Peter is the founder and the CEO of PayPal and also the cofounder of Palantir. He has also been one of the investors in Facebook and several other companies. His book, Zero to One is one of the most intellectual and deepest dives into the motivations behind entrepreneurship.

Behind The Cloud By Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff, the cofounder and the CEO of Salesforce comes with a fun to read book named Behind the Cloud. This book contains useful advice on almost everything faced by a growing company. To be very brief, this book serves in the form of a practical guide on the right procedure of growing a successful business.

Only The Paranoids Survive By Andy Grove

Andy Grove, the author of Only the Paranoids Survive is the former CEO of Intel. His book his probably his own story of being at the center of Intel right from its evolution.

Direct From Dell By Michael Dell

As is evident from the name of the author and the book, Michael Dell is the founder of Dell and he comes up with this book which is a narration of his journey through childhood adventures, mistakes made and the major ups and downs in Dell’s life. It is a refreshing book packed with useful and simple strategies.

The HP Way By David Packard

David Packard is the ex-CEO and founder of HP and his book is an insight into motivating and managing individuals. The book comes as an inspiration for the beginners into the world of business. It also has the readers learning about the history of HP and what the founder did for making his company a place where employees could enjoy working.

Remote: Office Not Required By David Heinemeier And Jason Fried

David Heinemeier and Jason fried are the co-founders of Basecamp which was formerly known as 37 Signals. Remote: Office Not Required is a book where the authors share their learning and experiences. It is a book that analyzes the strengths and the weaknesses of not possessing an office.

Be Obsessed Or Be Average By Grant Cardone

This book lays its emphasis on the point that if you want to compete with the brightest and the best in tech then it is important for you to be something more than just average.


Everything that you get into your head feeds you and thus allow these inspirational and motivational books to feed you with the wisdom needed for boosting success.

Top Ten Books On Business That You Must Read

Business entrepreneurs and owners should always look for ways to get their minds in shape. This would be very similar to the way professional sportsmen shape their bodies into machines delivering lean performance. Business entrepreneurs can sharpen their brains by having their eyes of the top ten books on business. These books will surely help them in delivering the best performance.

Shoe Dog By Phil Knight

This is a gem of a book and also one of the favorite books of the IT tycoon, Bill Gates. The book offers an insight into the entrepreneurial journey of Phil Knight and the way he transformed Nike into a universal brand.

Tools Of Titans By Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is a strategist and an entrepreneur and in his latest book, Tools of Titans, he shares the secrets behind the productivity of around 200 top class performers that he has actually interviewed.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey

This is a timeless masterpiece coming from Stephen R. Covey who is considered an internationally recognized leadership authority. Stephen is of the belief that true success comes from a balance of professional and personal effectiveness. His book comes in the form of a manual motivating people to perform better in their professional and personal lives.

Speak And Get Results By Sandy Linver

This is a book that will help entrepreneurs in getting the results that they want. Linver has done a great job in this book. He has presented entrepreneurs a book that they can use in the form of a template for client proposals and sales meetings.

Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap And Others Don’t By Jim Collins

If you are a beginner into doing business and looking to take your company to the highest level of success then this book is worth considering. This book is a deep store of some of the most refreshing concepts for evaluating leadership in business.

Leadership And Self-Deception: Getting Out Of The Box By Arbinger Institute

The authors of this book have used relatable storytelling for driving the theme of the book. The book reveals the way people refuse to come face to face with their true motives and how they restrict their potential happiness and success.

Winning Through Intimidation By Robert Ringer

Winning Through Intimidation is probably one of the best books meant for the sales rookies. It is one of those books that entrepreneurs must read even if they do not like its title.

How To Get Rich By Felix Dennis

How to Get Rich is a rollicking book coming from a talented writer. It is an honest autobiography including some dark confessions of a guy work millions.

Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is the single most celebrated personal success read of all times. every chapter of this book outlines the most basic money making concepts of more than 500 wealthy individuals examined and analyzed by Napoleon.

Built To Last By Jerry Porras And Jim Collins

This book is based on the study that the authors conducted on eighteen long-lasting and truly exceptional companies.


There are many other books on business that are still unexplored by readers especially entrepreneurs and businessmen. No matter which book you choose, it is important for you to look out at the right venues within a book in order to gain success as an entrepreneur.